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    We design solutions that enable our clients to win.


    We break with existing patterns. New challenges require new ideas. Freshness wins!


    Winning requires courage - the courage to challenge the status quo and beliefs. We do not shy away from this.


    We are leaders in action and take responsibility for the outcome.


The book #BoldHR

In her book #HROdNow, Iwona Wencel identifies 10 key attitudes that will prove essential in these new times. This Polish expert's guide shows ambitious HR professionals, managers and entrepreneurs how to succeed in the context of today's challenges. Intriguing stories and practical tips make this book a pleasure to read and a source of both knowledge and inspiration.

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Who are we?

WNCL is a boutique consulting firm specializing in strategic HR management. With our experience and knowledge, we provide businesses with support in achieving their people management goals. We support companies of all industries and sizes in solving their business problems.


We believe we can change the world by implementing the best HR solutions that make companies stronger and people happier.


Why us?

We take care of our clients, create strategic solutions, and do more than what is written in the contract. Above all, we deliverresults. We implement HR solutions ourselves.

„We care, do more and deliver ”

Maja Chabińska-Rossakowska – Head of HR (ING)

"WNCL is one of the few companies in Poland that offers an integrated approach to the development of HR teams. The methodology, based on the best international standards and case studies based on practice, guarantees that the investment in development will translate into effects both on the organizational and personal level of the participants. Practical tips, inspiration and openness of WNCL consultants mean that, together with the client, they create durable solutions that allow HR teams to face the complex and demanding reality."

Angelika Ryfińska – HR Director (Innogy)

"Thinking about the development of my HR Business Partners team, I reached for the Development Centre of the WNCL company. Participants had the opportunity to face a wide range of tasks, built on real professional cases dedicated to HR Business Partners. The development was well organized, and the feedback and development recommendations received were very professional. The tool allowed me to prepare a development plan for all Development participants. I highly recommend it!"

Aneta Podyma – CEO (Unum Życie)

„When the HR area is a key part of the business, it becomes a bond between what we want to achieve and how we want to achieve it. This is one of the many valuable perspectives that I gained from working with Iwona Wencel. Thank you very much for your incredibly inspiring time, professionalism and a lot of experience, which we have been drawing on to this day and which helps us create a unique workplace for our people.”

Żaklina Pawlak-Iwińska - VP of HR (Polskie ePłatności)

„We recommend WNCL as a professional partner with experience and interesting ideas, who always reliably approaches the entrusted projects. We have recently cooperated on a project of audit of the bonus system for the sales force and we have re-arranged its shape to make it the most optimal for the company and sales representatives. The execution of the order went smoothly, in line with our expectations. The great advantage of the company is also very good contact and assistance at every stage of the order, and in case of any problems / doubts also after its completion. The project was carried out efficiently and without reservations, according to our individual needs. In the future, we will certainly continue to cooperate on our next projects.”

Ewa Zmysłowska - Chief People Officer (Play)

"The Bottom Line game shows in a practical way how decisions concerning the human area affect the company's results. The participation of my team in the game has been a very valuable and developing experience both on an individual and team level. It is a very good tool for working with both the HR team and the management team.”

Paul Carlas - Head of HR (in-Store Media)

„Iwona helped us in a very difficult team conflict case. She guided us along the process showing her broad experience in such a difficult situation, always having in mind both people and business. Thank you for your brightness, humanity, and honesty, as well as for your personal involvement to solve the issue.”

Aleksandra Mijalska - People Development Partner (Rossmann)

"The ability to play the role of people managing a virtual company with a fictional space in the background is an almost perfectly reproduced sample of business reality. The type of simulation in which teams go through a series of difficult business situations shows how many factors can affect the company's financial result. Bottom line is a game that builds business awareness, emphasizing the importance of making decisions in the HR area, the relationship between HR and other business areas, on which the success of an organization on the market often depends."

Robert Pławiak - CEO (Grupa Pelion / ILS Sp.z o.o)

"The process of changes requires consistency, patience and empathy towards the Team. Together with Piotr Cwalina, we had the opportunity to conduct and introduce new rules, a new better order. The support provided to the ILS IT Team in the course of the process, constant motivation, asking open questions, moderating discussions were necessary to achieve success. All this would not be possible without the active participation of Piotr.For the future, we will always remember about Piotr's competences!"

Paweł Motyl

"The author of the bestsellers "Labyrinth. The Art of Decision Making" and "The World of Schrödinger. Chronicle of an Unpredictable Future" Human capital management is fundamental to any business. Especially now, in the era of COVID-19, HR can play a unique role, because in conditions of uncertainty, system solutions such as strategy, structures or procedures perform worse, and much more depends on the organizational culture and the quality of leadership. Therefore, if you have anything to do with human resource management, you must read this book. It is very good. The author perfectly organizes various roles and HR competences and gives specific examples of how to improve them."

Human Resources Director on an hourly basis

Does it sound intruiging? We are glad! This is an ideal type of cooperation for an organization that does not have a developed HR function but would like to create one. Also in new, nonstandard situations, requiring a fresh approach and strong competences in people management.


Strategic change

Strategic change is the translation of the strategy outlined by the Board of Directors into the language of behavior and actions understandable to every employee. For this translation to be effective, it must be well-structured and planned, and take into account all aspects of the organization (political, emotional and rational).


Strategic workshops

A strategic workshop is a perfectly planned and conducted workshop session focused on developing concrete results - ideas, solutions, action plans for difficult strategic problems.


Strategic compensation management

This is an ideal partnership for an organization that either does not have a developed compensation and benefits (C&B) function or has a strong need in this area and needs a domain expert to augment the existing HR/C&B team.


Leadership development | Executive Team Excellence

Cohesion, harmony, mutual trust, clarity of rules of cooperation and a common exciting goal makes the Management Team absolutely unique and capable of achieving the most ambitious goals. Therefore, it is important to work with this team to make this happen. This requires constant effort and ongoing dialogue within the team and this is precisely the purpose of the Team Excellence Process.


Team building

"You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a lifetime of conversation" Plato. Is your organization using your team to its full potential? Tap into hidden knowledge by transforming team strength into commitment and purpose. The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology is an innovative, experiential process designed to increase innovation and business performance within a team.


Design Thinking workshops

Design is no longer the sole domain of architects, artists or programmers. Today, the method of "design thinking" is used to create products and services and can also be used to find creative solutions to problems in business based on a deep understanding of problems and users' needs..


Center of Excellence Compensation & Benefits

One important function in the HRBP model is well-functioning excellence centers. These include Comp &Ben (the compensation and non-salary benefits management function) and development and recruitment. For the second area, there is much more support in the market than for C&B.


HR Analytics

Measuring indicators in people management is extremely important in the management process and forms the basis for dialogue with the business. Measurement through the use of professional HR analytics is an investment. It is important that it is a well-thought-out process with a set of indicators tailored to the organization, so that the benefits balance the organizational effort in building and managing the HR Dashboard.



Mentoring is a relationship in which the Mentor safely guides their mentee through the learning process. They guide and share their knowledge and experience, support the mentee in making decisions, but the decisions themselves belong to the mentee.


HR Business Partnering

HR Business Partnering is different from the traditional model of work of the HR department. It is a division between HR Business Partners and an Expert Center, which (just like shared services centers) provide expert knowledge of HR Business Partners working directly with business managers.


Assesment Development for HRBP

The success of an HR Business Partner is - almost 70 percent of the time - attributable to their competencies, and not necessarily pure HR knowledge and experience (according to CLC research). During the one-day assessment/development, we examine those competencies that differentiate the best HR Business Partners from those who are simply good. We rely on research, and most importantly, on the core competencies and behaviors created by Dave Ulrich.


HR Competency Survey

Our mission is to develop business HR in Poland, therefore we examine how people fulfilling business functions (presidents, senior managers) evaluate HR Business Partners’ activities in their organizations. Which competencies are their strengths, and what do they still lack? This knowledge helps to set further directions of HR development in Poland.


Strategic Game – Bottom Line Management

This is a two-day intensive simulation of the connections between business and HR in the form of a strategic computer-supported board game.


Our partners

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Join the group of HR professionals who boldly change the business reality and build competitive advantage. Grow with recognizedexperts.

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