Assesment Development for HRBP


The success of an HR Business Partner is – almost 70 percent of the time – attributable to their competencies, and not necessarily pure HR knowledge and experience (according to CLC research). During the one-day assessment/development, we examine those competencies that differentiate the best HR Business Partners from those who are simply good. We rely on research, and most importantly, on the core competencies and behaviors created by Dave Ulrich.

In what situations?

  • assessment of HR Business Partners
  • verification of core competencies of HRBP
  • building a development path for HRBP
  • improvement of HRBP competencies

How does it work?

Each participant takes part in a series of individual and group tasks that test the level of key HR Business Partner competencies. We have created all the tasks especially for this assesment / development, based on real business situations in which managers expect support.
The level of complexity of the assignments and their business relevance is the result of our 20 years of experience in supporting businesses. What undoubtedly adds value is the involvement of experienced and practicing HR Business Partners with WNCL recognition as assessors.