Center of Excellence Compensation & Benefits

One important function in the HRBP model is well-functioning excellence centers. These include Comp &Ben (the compensation and non-salary benefits management function) and development and recruitment. For the second area, there is much more support in the market than for C&B.

Good role models are scarce and perceptions of the function skewed, e.g., considered to be for analytics and budgeting. In mature organizations, its role is strategic and broadly supportive of business and HR. By creating tools, policies, project support, and monitoring business changes that might affect internal systems, it can be used in, for example, bonuses, performance management or reward strategies for specific employee groups. WNCL has strong competencies in this area. We provide support to large organizations as well as smaller companies that cannot afford a full-time head of C&B. We can offer hourly Comp&Ben services at key times for the organization.

In what situations?

  • changes in commercial and business strategy
  • mergers, restructuring
  • problem with retaining employees
  • no C&B function, no remuneration strategy
  • large projectin the area of remuneration, motivation
  • inexperienced person in C&B role

How does it work?

The service can be delivered in three ways.
C&B director by the Hour- you hire an expert to help with a difficult project, change, help create a C&B function or support the current HR team at a crucial time.

Expert WNCL mentor- you have an individual who is dedicated to C&B, is about to step up to a strategic level, be promoted to an executive position, requires expert knowledge support during a project, major change, or while building a C&B excellence center function.

Project support – a WNCL consultant leads the project e.g. building a bonus system, reviewing compensation and practices, along with building a compensation and benefits strategy, etc.