HR Analytics

Measuring indicators in people management is extremely important in the management process and forms the basis for dialogue with the business. Measurement through the use of professional HR analytics is an investment. It is important that it is a well-thought-out process with a set of indicators tailored to the organization, so that the benefits balance the organizational effort in building and managing the HR Dashboard.

In what situations?

# start – don’t know where to begin, need inspiration

# work support – e.g. which KPIs to choose

# building the concept – what to measure, how to implement HR analytics in the organization

# improvement – I already have a dashboard but I want to professionalize it

# technology – e.g. how to use Power BI

How does it work?

Four forms of cooperation are possible:

Full support – we build the whole HR Dashboard together, a WNCL expert is present at each stage of work.

Workshops – for key moments, we organize workshop activities, e.g. selection of indicators, implementation plan, etc. We transfer knowledge and the client conducts the project on their own.

Hourly support – the customer already has a solution or is running the project on their own and needs short interactions with strong knowledge transfer at key moments, or to verify ideas, evaluate solutions.

Technological advice – using KPIs as a basis, an expert builds data visualizations of the HR dashboard in Power BI or Excel and trains local resources.