HR Business Partnering

You know it… but are you sure? HR Business Partnering is a different-to-traditional model of work of the HR department. It is a division into HR Business Partners and an Expert Center, which (just like shared services centers) provide expert knowledge to HR Business Partners working directly with business managers.

However, let’s clarify one point: HR Business Partner is not the same as HR Specialist, as it is often understood today. It is, de facto, a HR manager with extensive business and managerial knowledge, thanks to which heads of other departments perceive them as a partner. This is not an easy task, because expectations toward HR have never been as high as they are now, and HR has rarely played a strategic role so far. So now is the moment to raise competency in both areas.

In what situations?

  • implementation of the HR Business Partner model
  • assessment of HR Business Partners
  • definition of roles and responsibilities in HR
  • improving the effectiveness of HR performance
  • development of HR Business Partners
  • HR Business Knowledge

How does it work?

HR Business Partnering is a model of HR work that requires a different approach to HR than the traditional one. During a joint workshop with HR department or its key players, we redefine particular HR roles (HR Business Partners, Expert Centers, Operational HR) and adjust processes to the new division. Why is this so important? Because one of the key elements of building HR success is clarity of its functioning for the environment.