HR Competency Survey

Is the HR Business Partner a recognized partner for business function managers? We decided to measure it.  We were prompted to do so by our business partners who say they need the support of well-prepared, competent HR Business Partners like never before!  On the other hand, we realize that HRBPs urgently need to develop/acquire new competencies, thanks to which, their activities will be better integrated with the needs of the market.


The conclusions after the first edition of the survey showed:


  1. HR evaluates its own competencies better than business.
  2. HR’s weakest competency is Technology Advocate.
  3. HR faces completely different challenges, such as digitalization, the generation of smartphone users (the so-called iGen) on the labor market, the enormous amount of collected data and the increasing importance of robotization.


Thanks to an internal survey, we can check if HR Business Partners are prepared for new challenges. Measure the level of competencies and calibrate an appropriate developmentoffer.

In what situations?

We invite companies of all branches that cooperate with HRBP and all HR Business Partners to take part in the HR Business Partner Competence Survey.

We want to check what has changed and also deepen key competencies for the future of business such as innovation, orientation to new technologies and analytics.

What the internal survey gives:

# A picture of HRBP competencies in the organization in relation to the most recognized mode

Knowledge of how HR Business Partners perceive their own business

Identification of which specific behaviors are strengths and weaknesses of HR and where to put emphasis in development plans

Benchmark comparisons with the market and other industries

How does it work?

When an organization wants to participate in an internal study:

# It expresses its interest by contacting us on our website

# WNCL modifies the survey for the client and prepares a unique link to the survey where the results will only be collected from respondents from the participating company

In order to create a report, there must be feedback from at least 10 business managers

Internal survey lasts two weeks. After completion of the internal survey, the company receives a report with the market benchmark and key findings and recommendations of WNCL