Strategic Game – Bottom Line Management


HR decisions have a greater impact on an organization’s effectiveness than we often realize, and effectiveness is rarely a place for experimentation. That’s why we invite you to play the game! This is a two-day intensive simulation of the interrelationship of business and HR in the form of a computer-supported strategic board game. In a safe environment, HR professionals learn to understand the principles of company functioning from the perspective of the most important financial indicators, as well as the mechanisms of influencing the company’s results through HR-related processes, systems and initiatives. Our game is a unique opportunity on the Polish market to gain knowledge necessary for each HR Business Partner, which we conduct in an interesting and engaging way using our practical, long-term experience.

In what situations?

  • HR business knowledge
  • building awareness of the impact of HR decisions on the bottom line
  • development of HR Business Partners
  • strengthening business acumen
  • linking HR functions to company strategy


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How does it work?

During the game, you play the role of the head of the HR department, who has to face very specific challenges facing your company. Decreasing sales, buying a new company, budget cuts, or competitors’ actions are just some of the situations in which you will have to make a number of decisions. Will cutting the training budget translate into engagement and will engagement be reflected in revenue and customer satisfaction? Or will it affectlabor turnover and increase administration costs? This is what you will experience each round by seeing, not only the change in key HR metrics, but also in the profit and loss statement of the company you represent. Each round is a new challenge, and for each challenge, you have a variety of decision cards in six key HR areas that impact the business. Very educational, maximum interaction and very safe!