HR decisions affect company finances.

Find out how much!

A revolutionary game for managers and HR departments.

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Experience real work situations.

See how they affect company finances. Apply the conclusions to your managerial activities.

We invite managers and HR departments to participate in a workshop that presents company management in a different, unconventional form. Acquisition of the most valuable employees by competitors, changing legislation, budget freezes, restructuring, mergers – are just some of the tasks facing workshop participants.

We know very well that HR decisions have an impact on a company’s financial result, but to what extent, we are not able to measure.

The everyday reality in many companies is as if decisions concerning people management were something completely separate from financial results and had no influence on them!

Participating in BottomLine will allow you to experience real work situations and profit-building strategies based on the right HR decisions.


You will be introduced to the game by experienced experts.

Iwona Wencel has been connected with human resources management issues for over 20 years.

Iwona Wencel specjalista HR

Owner and President of WNCL Sp. z o.o. For over 20 years associated with issues of human resources management, for 10 years holding managerial positions in large international corporations. She has extensive experience in working with industries: FMCG, pharmaceutical, financial, publishing, chemical industry.

HR is her true passion. For 10 years she has been running her own company specializing in the outsourcing of strategic HR functions. Pioneer of HR Business Partnering model implementation in Poland. Certified facilitator of Master Trainer Institute with extensive experience in conducting strategic sessions.

Creator of the Polish National Intervention Center, the first external ethics line for whistleblowers in Poland. In 2009, she received a Special Distinction in the Businesswoman of the Year Contest organized by Radio Pin and BRE Bank.

She is responsible for the substantive content and business purposes of the BottomLine game.

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The company was created out of passion and belief that training games are very effective and the most attractive medium for the participants, combining learning with fun.



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An innovative game designed for professionals.

You will understand the impact of HR decisions on the company's bottom line.

Players take on the role of managers tasked with meeting the changing business and economic conditions of a chemical company. Each module is a new challenge, reflecting one year in the life of the company.

Work begins with simulation rounds where participants will learn the impact of sample decisions on six key metrics and consequently on the company’s profit and return on sales (ROS).


Learn the impact of decisions on key HR indicators

During the game, participants will learn the general model of the company’s financial functioning and later, on the basis of the analysis of financial and business data and description of the situation,  learn the impact of their decisions on the company’s key HR indicators in the areas:

  • employee engagement
  • employee satisfaction
  • employee turnover
  • employee competence
  • recruitment effectiveness
  • customer satisfaction

Players in their teams go through a collaborative strategy planning phase that may include, depending on the module, activities in the areas of:

  • Employerbranding and recruitment
  • Development and knowledge management
  • Financial and nonfinancial motivation
  • Retention
  • Redundancy and transfer of employees
  • Change management andcommunication
  • Cost-saving strategies
  • Merging organizational cultures

Learn the best market strategies.

Improve your company's bottom line.

In each module, players are challenged by changing business conditions further constrained by short- and long-term costs, as well as time resources. After the trial decision phase, players have a chance to change their actions in order to present their final decisions. After each module, when the players see the effect of their decisions, i.e. the influence on the indicators and thus on the company’s financial result, there is time to discuss the winning strategy. The presenters give examples of best market practices, discuss selected strategies, and explain their impact on thebottom line.

Questions to be answered in the game, among others:

  • What actions translate into employee engagement?
  • How canthe development of employees, managers and talents be planned to be most effective for the organization?
  • How can risks and threats be identified and communicated so that they do not adversely affect the company’s results?
  • How can an employee branding policy be built to attract the most valuable employees from the market and not lose them?
  • Where should savings be made and not made to retain a motivated, productive team?
  • How can team cooperation ensure the implementationof strategy?
  • Howcan a coherent culture and strategy ensure the competitive advantage and financial success of the company?

An extremely realistic simulation.

Real challenges. Practical tools.

Managers from different specialties participating in the game discover completely new ways to improve the company’s results, which they had not considered before. BottomLine is an extremely realistic simulation. Players experience real challenges and learn in a practical way about tools useful in the process of managing people.

The game is complex and multidimensional, keeping participants fully engaged throughout the one-day (or two-day) workshop.

The modular design of the game enables each participant to experience twice the full process of selecting and agreeing on the best strategy. Conclusions, reflections and experiences gained during the individual rounds can be analyzed and applied in further stages of the game.


Real challenges. Practical tools.

Workshop outcomes:

  • Understanding and ability to prove the impact of HR decisions on the company’s financial result.
  • Immediate feedback concerning the choices made. Unlike in real business practice, here, participants find out almost immediately if their decisions were right.
  • Many examples from the market, the application of strategies and translation into financial results of companies.
  • A lot of knowledge is acquired in a pleasant and engaging way.
  • Possibility of mutual exchange of experience by participants of the workshop.
  • Practical knowledge of experts – consultants working for many years as Human Resources Directors for hours in many companies.

Game duration:

8 hours – one-day workshop, three modules

16 hours – two-day workshop,five modules

Number of participants:

9 – 16 people

Price of a BottomLine workshop:

open event:

one-day – 2,500 PLN (oneparticipant)

two-day – 3,900 PLN  oneparticipant)

closed workshop for client:

one-day – 15,000 PLN

two-day – 26,000 PLN

net prices


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