Human Resources Director on an hourly basis

Does it sound intruiging? We are glad! This is an ideal type of cooperation for an organization that does not have a developed HR function but would like to create one. Also in new, nonstandard situations, requiring a fresh approach and strong competences in people management.

At a time clearly agreed with the client, we take over responsibility for the entire HR area, assuming the role of Human Resources Director. We work closely with the management team and achieve the agreed objectives. When we are responsible for the HR team, we develop them to continue and maintain the results of the joint work after the project is completed. As a result, we leave the organization with a different quality of HR operations.

In what situations?

  • departure of an HR manager
  • the need for local expertise in an international organization
  • maternityleave
  • introduction of new standards of HR performance
  • transformation from start-up to mature organization

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How does it work?

Depending on your organization and needs, a dedicated WNCL Partner works one to three days per week for 6 -12 months.

We do not work full-time. Why? Because we respect our client’s time and money and engage strategically.

We quickly transfer knowledge to a designated person or team to secure operations during the days we are away.