Leadership development | Executive Team Excellence

Cohesion, harmony, mutual trust, clarity of rules of cooperation and a common exciting goal makes the Management Team absolutely unique and capable of achieving the most ambitious goals. Therefore, it is important to work with this team to make this happen. This requires constant effort and ongoing dialogue within the team and this is precisely the purpose of the Team Excellence Process.

In what situations?

#a new boss or a member of the management team and the need to build cohesion and cooperation model in the new team composition

#a strategic challenge that the team has to face (e.g. mergers and acquisitions, strategic change) and this requires raising the cohesion and cooperation in the team to a completely new level

#conflicts and rivalry in the management team that weakens the organization and does not build a coherent strategic message

#theneed to build shared responsibility for the company among all the members of the management team

#themanagement team needs to be more motivated

How does it work?

Once a quarter, during a one-day or two-day session (depending on the goals), we work on specific elements of the team’s work to strengthen and improve it. Sometimes, the session is preceded by a survey of the team’s “health” and during the session, we discuss the results. Sometimes, we work on strategy, and other times, devote part of the session to gaining knowledge to develop specific solutions. The cyclical nature of the sessions, providing time to “stop,” reflect, and regroup, has amazing long-term results when it comes to team effectiveness.


Leading the sessions by an external mentor and facilitator gives the opportunity for each team member to fully participate in the process (when someone from inside the team is leading, they also have to focus on ensuring an effective work process), to use the mentor’s knowledge and experience in building strategies and solutions, as well as receiving feedback on the team’s situation, progress and its strengths and weaknesses.