Strategic change

Strategic change is the translation of the strategy outlined by the Board of Directors into the language of behavior and actions understandable to every employee. For this translation to be effective, it must be well-structured and planned, and take into account all aspects of the organization (political, emotional and rational).
We show the benefits of this change for the future, trigger commitment and implement it step-by-step. Consistency is the key to success. Each well-realized stage is an argument that “the devil is not so bad as he is painted.”

In what situations?

  • acquisitions and mergers
  • change of organizationalculture
  • neworganizationalstructure
  • newprocesses
  • reorganization/restructuring
  • change of direction of activity
  • change/modification of strategy

How does it work?

For a period of about six months, we take on the role of change project leader, often leading the project team. We work together, combining our knowledge with the team members’ knowledge of the organization. This makes the process of defining, planning and implementing the needed changes much more effective. We support all activities with a communication campaign based on market practices. We define and deliver “quick wins” and on them, we build the employees’ belief in the legitimacy of the changes.