Team building

Strategy workshops with the use of Lego® Serious Play®
Gathering a group into a team does not guarantee that it will work more effectively (Hackman). Therefore, the challenge is not to ask whether teams and groups bring value, but what makes them effective and in what does this effectiveness manifest itself? A team is effective when: it is real, not just in name, it has a concrete direction and structure for action, a shared mindset, and it knows how to communicate.

In what situations?

It is worth using Lego

GOAL – when it is important to

  • Involve and engage all team members
  • Hold honest dialog and open discussion
  • Remove the dominance of some team members over others

TASK – when:

  • The task is complex and multilayered and there are no clear answers
  • There is a need to look at the task from a ‘bigger picture’ perspective and explore different options
  • Participants are very diverse in terms of seniority, age, experience

RESULTS – when it is necessary to

  • Get everyone to “sign off” on a solution even if there is not a 100-percent agreement
  • To drive substantive conflict toward effective decision-making

How does it work?

Lego® Serious Play® is a tool developed over 20 years to creatively approach business tasks and problems

  • Unique – 100% involvement of each workshop participant!
  • Every individual opinion is heard and taken into account
  • Different experiences and knowledge? No problem! – Lego is a universal language
  • 3D models = deeper analysis, inspiration and activation of imagination = more valuable solutions
  • Lightness of the method + its positive connotations with fun = unfettered imagination and nonstandard solutions